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Continuous Flow Intersections

Conventional intersections have left-turning traffic placed in the middle of the road, so through-traffic must wait for those vehicles to turn. In a Continuous Flow intersection (CFI), drivers wishing to turn left will move through a mid-block traffic signal and proceed to the far left side of the road. This allows for free-flowing left turns at the main intersection, eliminating the need for separate left turn signals and reducing delays for all motorists. Through-traffic proceeds as it would in a typical intersection. Benefits include improved:

  • Safety
  • Mobility
  • Connectivity
  • Frontage road traffic flow

Two CFIs are already in use within the corridor at I-35 and Loop 82 (Aquarena Springs Drive) and I-35 and SH 80 (Hopkins Street) in San Marcos.

You can read the CFI fact sheet for more information.

continuous flow intersection

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