Planning and Environmental Linkages Study from SH 45 North to SH 45 Southeast


A planning and environmental linkages (PEL) study, which is a type of environmental study, was used to determine the purpose and need, lane type alternative/mode choice and segments of independent utility for the I-35 future transportation corridor between SH 45N and SH 45SE. The PEL study is complete and TxDOT is conducting further concept development for each of the three segments identified:

*The PEL study northern boundary limit was SH 45N; further traffic analysis indicated the northern limit for the future transportation corridor should be RM 1431. The North Austin Comprehensive Project will study the limits from RM 1431 to US 183.

Need & Purpose
  • Define purpose and need for an additional travel lane in each direction on I-35
    • Need:
      • Current congestion levels are causing inefficient operations
      • Travel times will increase as population and employment grow
      • Congestion-related delays prevent efficient use of I-35 by transit, emergency responders and other motorists
    • Purpose:
      • Improve operational efficiency and manage congestion
      • Provide more reliable travel times
      • Create a more dependable and consistent route for transit, emergency responders and other motorists
  • Determine the lane type alternative/mode choice
  • Determine segments of independent utility (segments that have benefit and can be constructed as stand-alone projects)
Project Description
  • The goal of the PEL study was to recommend projects for inclusion in the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization's 2040 Regional Transportation Plan, if applicable
  • Funding for the study was provided by TxDOT, city of Austin and the state of Texas (Rider 42 funds)
  • Study start: June 2014
  • Public open houses: June 2014, September 2014, November 2014
  • Study completion: August 2015

Project Vicinity Map

SH 45 N to SH 45 SE


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