I-35 from US 79 to SH 45 North


The project includes constructing braided ramps to remove a merge/weave point on the I-35 northbound mainlanes between Hester’s Crossing and RM 620. The northbound extended entrance/exit lane will allow drivers to match travel speeds prior to merging and modifying the northbound ramps from RM 620 to SH 45N. The northbound and southbound frontage road intersections at I-35 and US 79 will also be reconstructed and a third left-turn lane for westbound US 79 will be added.

Need & Purpose
  • Improve safety and mobility by reducing lane merging/weaving on northbound mainlanes
  • Improve the US 79 interchange operations
Project Description
  • Ramp reversals and mainlane improvements along northbound mainlanes
  • Reconstruct the I-35 northbound and southbound frontage road intersections at US 79
  • Add left-turn lane for westbound US 79
  • Project development funded by TxDOT
  • Construction funded by Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and TxDOT
  • Construction cost: $28.1 million
  • Began plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E): December 2014
  • Completed PS&E: fall 2015
  • Construction letting: December 2015
  • Construction start: July 2016
  • Construction completion: anticipated fall 2018
Project Activity

Project Vicinity Map

RM 620 to SH 45 N


Public Information Officer

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Austin, TX 78761-5426

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