I-35 from US 79 to SH 45 North (Northbound)


The project includes constructing braided ramps to remove merging conflicts on the I-35 northbound mainlanes between Hesters Crossing and RM 620. The northbound extended entrance/exit lane will allow drivers to match travel speeds prior to merging. The northbound and southbound frontage road intersections at I-35 and US 79 will also be reconstructed and a third left-turn lane for westbound US 79 will be added.

Need & Purpose
  • Improve safety and mobility by reducing lane merging/weaving on northbound mainlanes
  • Improve the US 79 interchange operations
Project Description
  • Ramp reversals and mainlane improvements along northbound mainlanes
  • Reconstruct the I-35 northbound and southbound frontage road intersections at US 79
  • Add left-turn lane for westbound US 79
  • Project development funded by TxDOT
  • Construction funded by Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization and TxDOT
  • Construction cost: $28.1 million
  • Began plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E): December 2014
  • Completed PS&E: fall 2015
  • Construction letting: December 2015
  • Construction start: July 2016
  • Construction completion: early 2019
Project Activity

Project Vicinity Map

RM 620 to SH 45 N


Public Information Officer

TxDOT Austin District
P.O. Box 15426
Austin, TX 78761-5426

(512) 832-7000