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My35 Central Texas Newsletter: December 2020

Volume 10, Number 4

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Building Bridges Better

Taking a Deep Dive into I-35’s Southbound Mainlane Bridge Construction

Lately, curious commuters along I-35 have been treated to an out-of-the-ordinary construction scene: Weber LLC—the contractor hired by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)—hard at work demolishing and rebuilding the I-35 southbound mainlane bridge over the Brazos River. Overseeing the effort is construction and engineering firm BGE, Inc. To drivers, it might look like one more construction zone, but working on the river carries with it unique safety concerns and demands special construction practices. | Read More

Section 4B: Waco (12th Street to North Loop 340)

Access this section's project map (schematic).


  • Completed the demolition of the bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR).
  • Finished setting new southbound mainlane beams at MLK Blvd., University Parks Dr., US 84, US 77, UPRR, and Behrens Circle.
  • Finished deck placement for the new southbound mainlane bridges at Behrens Circle, UPRR, Brazos River Bridge, MLK Blvd., and University Parks Dr.
  • Completed building the approaches for the new 11th and 12th Streets’ southbound overpass.
  • Completed the new deck for the new 11th and 12th Streets southbound overpass.
  • Completed the cul-de-sacs to replace side-street intersections along the southbound access road in the area between 18th and 11th Streets.

Down the Road

  • Continue sidewalk and driveway construction for the southbound access road from Behrens Circle to 12th St.
  • Continue setting retaining wall panels throughout the project.
  • Continue work on sewer- and waterlines throughout the project on the north- and southbound access roads.
  • Continue the east- and west-end replacement of Culvert 5 (Waco Creek).
  • Continue constructing major storm drainage trunk lines along the southbound access road between 17th and 18th Streets to University Parks Dr.
  • Continue construction of the approaches for the southbound bridges over the Brazos River, UPRR, US 77, US 84, and Behrens Circle.
  • Continue construction of US 84 / Waco Dr. on the east side of I-35.
  • Continue northbound frontage road paving, side streets, and driveways throughout the project.
  • Continue to upgrade utilities.
  • Begin southbound mainlane paving south of US 77.
  • Shift traffic onto portions of the new northbound frontage road, north of US 84.

I-35E Expansion (I-35 East/West split to Ellis County line)


  • Completed Phase 1 of the northbound mainlanes south of the I-35W/I-35E split and switched traffic onto the Phase 2 portion.
  • Completed the Phase 2 portion of the new bridges at White Rock Creek.

Down the Road

  • Continue building the Phase 2 portion of substructures for the new bridges at FM 2959, FM 934, and southbound I-35E over I-35W.
  • Continue building the retaining walls at FM 2959 and FM 934.
  • Erect prestressed beams over I-35E at FM 2959 and FM 934.
  • Erect prestressed beams along southbound I-35E over I-35W.
  • Construct Phase 2 concrete pavement along I-35E.
  • Switch southbound I-35E traffic onto the new concrete pavement south of FM 2959.


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